Logo & Branding Design

Developing your own brand is crucial. Not only is it how your customers perceive you and your company, it forms the foundation for everything you do. Branding starts with your logo and your colours and continues to your social media presence, advertising, and more. Ensuring that you present a professional and reliable front is important and starts with professionally designed graphics.

Vectorise Graphics

So here’s a lil graphics101 – your logo needs to be a vector image. This means it’s not a JPEG – it’s an image that (no matter how much you zoom in) never gets blurry. It’s industry standard, and that why we offer to Vectorise your graphics to ensure a clean and crisp appeal.



We feel like this one is pretty obvious, but your logo is probably the most important part of your brand. It defines you in the eye of the customer – so we make sure we get it right.


Business Card

Some may say the business card is dead, but for some it’s a very important asset if designed well. So, if a business card is what you need, we can design the perfect card for you.


Letter Head

Keeping a consistent corporate identity is important, and a professional corporate letter head can ensure a consistent professional look.



Potential customer outreach is difficult, creating a brochure to advertise your business/even or special offer is a great way to reach a large audience.


Social Media Graphic

Many have turned to social media as their main advertising platform, however using poorly designed graphics can do more harm than good. Don’t worry, we can do it right


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