Black Wolf Designs

Black Wolf Designs is a Brisbane Based web agency, we focus on designing works that meet your needs. We take the time to understand your business and what you require to ensure the finished product is something you are proud of,  involve you every step of the way.

Now, we understand that you have a whole business to run – that’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to simplify a complex (and sometimes confusing) process, ensuring you can get back to running your business and leave us to what we do best – design and develop.

Our Process

We value our customers and want to ensure that you are not only happy with the end result but the process as well. With so many players in today’s web and design market, what sets us apart from the competition is our customer service. We ensure that you are involved in all major decisions from the get-go. By doing so we guarantee that THE end result is YOUR end result.

Therefore, we have created a streamline process to ensure your experience with us is a great one and the final product suits your needs. Instead of overwhelming you with technical jargon (e.g. SEO, Hosting, Domain) and acronyms (JS, CSS, HTML  – see what we mean?), we try to explain everything in simple English. So in the end you get a quality product without the headache.

1. Research & Planning

Now, we’re great at web and design, not telepathy – so we can’t create a quality result without understanding what you need. We start off by first researching and discussing your business. By gaining this crucial information we can start to breaking down the problem and begin pitching you possible solutions. From this we can work out a project timeline and costings.

2. Design & Prototype

The design & prototyping phase is the most important phase. In this step, we take our knowledge of your business, the problem/requirements and add our own design flare to create quality prototypes. To ensure we are both on the same page, we start with simple wireframes and progress with your input and your assets (images, company colours and own specific wants). Once you are happy with the final designed product, we progress. We give you the option to conduct a final product review to make sure you are happy with the outcome to this point.

3. Build & Test

Once we have designed the solution, it time to get it functioning. We convert our great designs into something your customers can really use. Not only do we handle the creation and development of the solution, but we also take the time to ensure that its working and functioning correctly. Once the solution is ready, we hand it over to you for a final test and review before we publish it for the world to see.